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Contents How do you know that this, your life, the universe is real?

Down through the ages philosophers have debated this point. Some geezer once came up with "I think therefore I am" which I thought was pretty good. But I've since been informed that it's actually bollocks.

What if your entire universe was just some fake world dreamed up by an unimaginably powerful being for his, her or its own amusement - and you were just an actor in his game?

How would you know?

Most people wouldn't. But we, as roleplayers, are uniquely qualified to judge whether the world we live in is real.

Because we know what it's like to live in a fake world.

To help you along, we've written a little quiz, a test kit if you will. It consists of a number of questions about your life and the way you live it. Answering the questions honestly will help you to determine if any of this is real.

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