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Dafydd Griffiths



(5th Level Ranger)

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Dafydd is a hippy pagan from Taffland.

What You Think Of The Others

Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson

You think that Pete is not a bad person at heart, but that he is generally selfish and looks out purely for himself. You try to tolerate him.

Liam "The Storm" Daly

You have very little time for Liam. You think he is a complete poser, and refuse - point blank - to call him "The Storm".

Dan Richards

You don't like Dan much at all.

Father Derek Johnson

You think that Father Derek is a nice bloke, but that his religion makes him too "progress oriented" and blinds him to the damage that corporations are doing to the environment.

Paul Jones

You respect Paul for his technical command of magic. But you think that his whole mind view revolves around mastering nature, not being part of it.

Roleplaying Notes

Your primary motivation is to protect the environment and fight global capitalism. You are also a great admirer of Orcs and of Orcan culture. You see them as a proud, noble people, who have a much greater understanding of the natural world than humankind.

Your favourite poem is the classic piece "Me Orc", by Tagg Bloodaxe, which is regarded by many as the finest Orcan poem ever written. You try to work this into conversation whenever possible, as you love quoting it, and you feel that it is a work of stunning insight by a culture far more in contact with nature than your own)

"Me Orc" by Tagg Bloodaxe:

Sun yellow.
Sky blue.
Ground green.
Me Orc!

You feel that this poem gives a "window" onto what it means to be an Orc, and is thus relevent information whenever there is a discussion of any sort about that race.