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Father Derek Johnson



(5th Level Cleric)

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Father Derek is a Roman Catholic priest from Liverpool.

What You Think Of The Others

Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson

You disapprove of Pete's activities and are not sure whether he can be saved.

Liam "The Storm" Daly

You think that Liam is in huge need of spiritual comfort, being shallow, egotistical and apparently without purpose in life (and possessing a huge drug problem). As a gesture of respect, you always refer to him as "The Storm" since you are aware that this is what he wishes.

Dafydd Griffiths

You think that Dafydd is a very nice bloke, but you feel that his obsession with nature has left a spiritual vacuum in his life, which you feel your religion could help to fill.

Dan Richards

You respect Dan's dedication, but feel that he thinks too much about himself and not enough about others.

Paul Jones

You think that Paul is a good man, but troubled. You do not know what it is that troubles him, but feel that you could help him if you could just persuade him to reveal just what it is that is troubling him.

Roleplaying Notes

Your primary motivation is to serve God and do good works. You try to avoid violence as much as is possible, and will use your weapons only as a very last resort and in defence of others.

You feel that orcs are people too, and that they could be helped by following the word of God. You feel pretty guilty about what was done to them in the past and wish to make ammends.