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Paul Jones



(5th Level Human Wizard)

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Paul is originally from Bracknell, but got a BSo (Bachelor of Sorcery) in Applied Magic from the University of North London. He is acutely sensitive to the fact that this is not a "top rank" university (he wanted to study Magical Theory and Ethics at University College London, but didn't get the grades).

He Is currently studying for a PHD at UCL.

What You Think Of The Others

Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson

You have no strong feelings about Pete as long as he doesn't try to steal any of your stuff.

Liam "The Storm" Daly

Under normal circumstances, you would probably dislike someone like Liam intensely. However, you are secretly in love with him, and therefore hang onto his every word.

You get jealous when he shows attention to women and will try to break things up. You will also gain a dislike of the women concerned.

Dafydd Griffiths

You think that Dafydd is an okay enough bloke, but a bit too obsessed with nature and the environment.

Dan Richards

You have no particularly strong feelings about Dan. It's just that you and he have nothing in common.

Father Derek Johnson

You like Father Derek, but get a bit defensive when he starts questioning you about whether you are happy.

Roleplaying Notes

Your primary motivation in adventuring is to earn enough money to support your studies at UCL. You are gay, but have not "come out" to the rest of the group because you are worried about what their reaction might be.

You have no particular feelings about Orcs.