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Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson



(Chaotic Neutral 5th Level Human Thief)

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Pete is a con-artist & pickpocket from Essex.

What You Think Of The Others

Liam "The Storm" Daly

You get on pretty well with Liam. He's a good laugh.

Dafydd Griffiths

You think Dafydd is quite a nice bloke, if a bit serious.

Dan Richards

A friend of yours has let you in on a secret. A couple of weeks ago, when a drunk Dan was on his way home from the pub, he was mugged by two young Orcs, who stole his mobile phone and fifty pounds in cash. He has bought a replacement phone, but has been telling people that he had to buy it because he dropped the previous one and broke it.

You think Dan is a fascist control freak, and a total prick to boot, so you're looking forward to being able to needle him over this.

Father Derek Johnson

You think that Father Derek is a good bloke, and you'd like to help him loosen up a bit.

Paul Jones

You think that Paul is a bit boring.

Roleplaying Notes

Pete's primary motivation in life is to acquire cash, preferably with as little risk to himself as possible.

You think that Orcs are good for muscle, but need someone such as yourself to lead them in more sophisticated criminal endeavours.