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Liam "The Storm" Daly



(5th Level Half-Elf Bard)

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Liam ("The Storm") is a singer-guitarist from Dublin in Hibernia, who was formerly part of the chart-topping band Farstar, but was sacked a year ago due to massive drug abuse. His most precious item is his "axe" and his "amp", a magical guitar and a magically amplifying box, which enable him to produce powerful music.

What You Think Of The Others

Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson

You actually quite like Pete, as his amoral nature fits in well with yours.

Dafydd Griffiths

You think that Dafydd could be quite a good laugh if he would just shut the fuck up about the sodding environment.

Dan Richards

You think Dan's alright, but a bit anal.

Father Derek Johnson

Father Derek is a nice bloke, but you wish he would stop trying to convert you.

Paul Jones

You think that Paul is intensely boring. For some reason he persists in hanging around you, which annoys you even more.

Roleplaying Notes

Your primary motivation for adventuring is to get publicity, so that you can launch a solo career. You insist that everyone calls you "The Storm" (and not Liam).

You will come on to every woman that you meet.

You think that Orcs are ugly, boring and very uncool.