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Legal Defence Techniques For Roleplayers



Ever heard of a group called BADD? No? Well let me explain who they were. Contrary to what the name might suggest BADD was not a Michael Jackson appreciation society. The name in fact stood for "Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons", although given how much they really didn't like the game, I would have thought AFIADD (Absolute Fucking Incandescent About Dungeons & Dragons) would have been more accurate.

Because BADD were very unhappy with Dungeons & Dragons. Now a lot of us at that time (the mid-eighties) were critical of certain aspects of D&D. We didn't like the all the fiddly-diddly different rules, and we thought the way a bonus to AC subtracted was totally insane. 3rd Edition removed most of the objections we had to D&D. But it wouldn't have swayed BADD.

Because their objections went way beyond ours. Their problem wasn't with the rules. Their problem was with the very concept of a fantasy roleplaying game.

They thought it was Devil worship.

They wanted it banned.

No, really!

Now, you might be wondering what the hell this has to do with you? After all, it was a long time ago.

Well, one of the things that BADD did was to produce a "guide" about roleplaying, which they then distributed to police forces across the United States. Now who's to know what those police forces did with those "guides"? Perhaps one day, if you find yourself in police custody, and roleplaying is mentioned, someone there might say: "Roleplaying? we've got something here about that!"

And then you'll be in the shit.

Because the people who wrote this guide really didn't like roleplaying. So you'd better read on.

NOTE:- The text of the BADD document was obtained from "The Pulling Report" by Michael A. Stackpole. You can find a copy at: This is an excellent document which provides a thoughtful and detailed response to the BADD report (unlike this article).