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Oy! Leave Them Orcs Alone!



Oy! Leave Them Orcs Alone! is a one-shot scenario for the Planet Erf setting. We've included six pregenerated characters for you to play. There're all men, not for any particular reason, but because that's how they appeared in my head. But I can't see any reason why you couldn't make any of them female if required.

For convenience, we've put the characters and monsters separate from the main scenario.


Liam "The Storm" Daly (Half-Elven Musician)

Dan Richards (Warrior)

Pete "The Gerbil" Parkinson (Thief)

Paul Jones (Wizard)

Father Derek Johnson (Catholic Priest)

Dafydd Griffiths (Hippy Ranger)


The Bongan Latrine Rat

The Chernobyl Brick Shithouse


The Scenario

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